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Frequent Questions

What Information Do You Need for Your Listing?

Your listing needs to provide potential buyers with all of the pertinent details so they can decide to take the next step, which is to contact you. Listings include everything from the address and legal description to the lot size, room sizes and information on heating costs, taxes, extras such as pools, central vacuum, etc. The application form will walk you through this process in a breeze. It is important to remember that the information you provide in your listing represents your property in a positive fashion and is both truthful and complete. Potential purchasers are assuming this and legal ramifications can occur if you attempt to be misleading.

How long does it take before my listing is active?

Once we have the property details and pictures, your listing should be up and running within 48-72 hours.

How long does the listing last?

Your listing is shown for a full year or until the property sells within the year.

What happens when the property sells?

You must contact us via email as soon as the property sells in order that we can remove it from our listings. Properties are displayed for one week in the "Sold" category.

How do I know if people are viewing my listing?

Each listing has a view counter which you can see on-screen simply by displaying your listing.
You can check your listing at anytime to see how many people have viewed it.

What type of property can I sell?

Any type of real estate may be advertised including homes, cottages, vacant land, farms and commercial real estate.

Who do potential buyers contact?

They contact you via email, phone, fax or any other method you have made available. We are not your Lawyers so any dealings are solely between the seller and potential buyers.

Can I update my listing?

Yes. Once your property is listed you will be provided with a unique password that will allow you to access your listing to update the property description, adjust the price and announce open house and add information that may be pertinent to potential buyers.

How do I know what my property is worth?

The best way to get an accurate price is with an appraisal which can cost $300 - $500 depending on your location. This can be money well spent as it tells potential buyers that you have priced your property appropriately. If you get an appraisal, by all means include in your listing if you think it is consistent with your asking price.

There are other sources of this information. Commonly you can determine other property owners in your neighborhood that sold their property, what they priced it at.

Another source is Zoopraisalal which has access to thousands of property records and the recent selling price. This system quickly compares your property to others in your neighborhood.

Note: This service is not as accurate as an appraisal and can vary widely from actual values.