Property Shop

The 2% Solution

Reduce the costs of selling your property with our unique wrapped service.

Lawyers Web Propertyshop Limited offers a simple, secure way for home-owners to sell their own property. By combining the costs of advertising and the legal fees associated with selling your home into a single low percentage rate, we can reduce your costs by thousands of dollars.

For 2% of the final selling price, your Propertyshop lawyer will provide the following:

  • Place your listing on the Propertyshop.CA web site. (1-year listing)
  • Place your listing on Realtor.CA the nation-wide MLS® system databases service. (6-month listing)
  • Place your listing on Kijiji.
  • Provide you with a lawn sign and directional signs.
  • Provide you with 100 property information sheets.
  • Provide an audio recording on our 24-hour phone-line.

In addition to these advertising services, they will provide you with the following legal help:

  • Assistance in negotiations.
  • Review offers.
  • Prepare Purchase and Sale Agreement.
  • Complete all legal closing work.
  • Register your transaction and change of title.

Under this listing agreement, you pay no fees until your property sells. If the property does not sell, you pay nothing.

To qualify for this offer you must meet the following conditions:

  • The selling price must be at least $150,000.
  • The property selling price must be comparable to similar properties in your area.
  • (To determine an accurate price an appraisal is advised.)
  • The property is only listed with Propertyshop.

Additional fees may apply if there are issues relating to the title of your property.

Your Propertyshop lawyer may offer additional services and discounts beyond what is included in this offer.