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Lawn Signs

Never underestimate the power of a lawn sign. The majority of houses are sold because a potential buyer saw the lawn sign and found the property attractive enough to call about it. Lawn signs should be placed where they are most visible. This may require you to take a quick look at your property from across the street to determine what may obstruct the view for passersby.

There are mixed opinions about whether you should state the listing price with your sign. For many potential buyers the price is the most important criteria and it may discourage time- wasters that cannot afford your price. Anyone sufficiently interested in buying can easily find the price when they view your online listing.

Perhaps the best recommendation is to look at other signs in your neighborhood and if they are displaying the price, which probably indicates a competitive market, you would probably be advised to include the prices well.

A unique feature of the Propertyshop sign is the inclusion of an 800-service number, which potential buyers can call to get more information about your property. This voice mail recording is typically about 60 seconds in length and highlights the key details of your property. It is best to think of it as a 24-hour, seven-day a week sales agent. Buyers can hear your message and choose to leave a message for you to call them.

The listing number which appears on your sign is the means by which potential buyers locate your listing on our website. It also corresponds to the voice mailbox.