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Open Houses and Viewings

Open houses and viewings of your house are perhaps the most important marketing opportunity as it is generally only very interested people that will take the time. However, people planning on selling your own home may simply be using yours as a way to determine how they should price their own. Keep in mind that an open house is just that.

When showing your house make sure you have put away all valuables and any objects that could easily be taken. When potential buyers are viewing your home, be sure you or some other responsible person escorts them through your house.

It is advisable to ask people for their names, addresses and get identification from them when you let them into your home. (You wouldn't let strangers into your house at any other time without knowing a little bit about them.) Serious potential buyers should not be put off by this request.

A viewing is not a social call; it is the first step of what may be a lengthy transaction involving serious negotiations. Therefore, keep your interactions businesslike. If they decide to purchase your property they can become friends later. Just as they are assessing your property, you are assessing them as potential buyers so ask few questions to get a proper measure of their interest and ability to purchase your house.

Have copies of a fact sheet listing the key features of your property and price to hand out at your open house - potential buyers commonly want to take information they can refer to later or show to someone else. You can design your own or simply print the Sales Sheet, an option on the Propertyshop website.

See our Selling Tips page for how to qualify potential buyers and preparing your home for viewing or open house.