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Selling Tips will be your most effective marketing tool, but you will also want to consider other options including print advertising, social media and open houses.

Classified word ads directing potential buyers to your detailed listing on are worth considering, particularly if you choose to hold one or more open houses. Display ads, ones that use photos and layout, are generally very expensive and some newspapers may not be willing to run these in their normal real estate section. Inexpensive publications such as Penny-savers can be a low-cost alternative but generally only print weekly or biweekly.

Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be a useful means to reach friends and business contacts but generally should not be seen as a commercial advertising venue, otherwise, you risk losing these connections. If you use these channels, it is best to keep your message short and simply use them to announce at your properties for sale or when you are having an open house.

Have copies of a fact sheet listing the key features of your property and price to hand out at your open house - potential buyers commonly want to take information they can refer to later or show to someone else. You can design your own or simply print the Sales Sheet ñ an option on the Propertyshop website.