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TREB Stifles Competition, Innovation and New Ideas 

In 2011 an application was commenced by the Competition Bureau against the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) for being anti-competitive with rules and restrictions on how its member agents provide information about listings and previous sales to customers.

The Competition Bureau had previously negotiated an arrangement with the Canadian Real Estate Association however, TREB, has not complied with the agreement. They have chosen to maintain very restrictive listing rules that are both self-serving to members offering full-service real estate services and creates an obstacle for lower-cost alternatives.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) organizations such as Propertyshop.CA have been able to access the large MLS network and some regional real estate boards for clients choosing to represent themselves. These "Mere Listings" simply provide an advertising service and do not involve a real estate agent other than in placing the listing on the network. In the Toronto region, listings appear on both TREB and Realtor.CA.

TREB is the largest real estate board in Canada with over 3,500 members and covers the GTA region.

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